People Will Walk Where There Are Places to Walk: Part Two

For fellow Atlantans (and out-of-town visitors) who prefer to stick to the suburbs, you’re in luck!  A plethora of walking destinations exists in areas outside of the city that are open to the public year-round.  Two such walking destinations are part of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area.  As part of the Chattahoochee River Valley, one […]

People Will Walk Where There Are Places to Walk: Part One

When describing Atlanta to those unfamiliar with the city, one might mention an abundance of trees, friendly people, or perhaps a favorite sports team or two.  Atlanta, Georgia, the “Capital of the South,” is a growing city that in many ways can be compared to other booming metropolises such as New York, D.C. and Chicago.  […]

Case in Point….Or perspective: Julius Shulman

For many, the name “Julius Shulman” does not ring a bell.  Why should it?  After all, the creative brilliance of the late American architectural photographer was often disguised by the well-known architecture he chose to photograph.  For example, when viewing Shulman’s images of a Frank Lloyd Wright home or a Pierre Koenig structure, it is […]

Ch-ch-changes…time may change trees, but I can’t trace time

As everyone knows, our changing weather patterns are becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, we’ve just sweat through one of Georgia’s hottest summers to date. However, one seasonal ritual remains the same…the changing of the leaves from green to red…and yellow, orange and pink. Every spring and summer, leaves produce their own food by […]